Blowtorch - The Thing (2002)
The Blowtorch, also known as Compact Flamer in the game's instruction manual, is an extremely short range weapon that appears in the 2002 video game The Thing. It can be used to kill a larger Thing enemy, but a hit-and-run approach should be used. A blowtorch can also be used to ignite fuel spills. The blowtorch, the flamethrower and the flame grenades are the only weapons in the game capable of killing the Thing. The Blowtorch's ammunition is represented by a fuel meter, but Blake changes canisters occasionally after spending some fuel.


The Blowtorch appears to be based on a regular butane handheld blowtorch, consisting of a canister with a with a grip handle with a trigger attached and an oversized, extended nozzle with holes.


  • Norwegian Outpost: North - After you find Carter, notice there are some explosive barrels nearby. Shoot the barrels from a distance to make a doorway into a hidden room with a blowtorch in it.
  • Norwegian Outpost: South - In a hut northeast of where you start the  level.
  • Norwegian Medical Center - On the bed in the bedroom. There are two more on the desk of the hut outside the building. You will only be able to access it after the Walkers break the door down.


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