The Thing
The Thing

Austin is a Gen Inc researcher and Soldier who was stationed at the Weapons Laboratory.


As computer journals in the robotic lab indicate, Austin worked with engineers Ryan and Stolls and medic Cohen in an anti-Thing virus at the underground covert Weapons Laboratory run by Gen Inc. At some point he was assimilated by the Thing, and locked himself in the black tech lab. Freed by Blake, he proceeded to deceive him by urging him to check out a terminal he seemingly couldn't figure out by himself. The trusting Blake found himself locked in a room with green poisonous gas, but managed to quickly get out and pursue Austin. Austin locked himself in a weapons research laboratory as he bled to death slowly.


  • Austin's identity can be assumed due to the journals that mention him.
  • Also, if one looks at the squad menu when approaching him as he bleeds out, Austin's name is displayed as "Austin3". He's also designated as a Soldier despite having an Engineer's uniform, hinting that he's an Imitation in the same vein as Carter (Soldier) and Guy, who also wear the wrong outfits. The journals, however, point at Austin having indeed been an Engineer.
  • Austin can either bleed to death in the weapons research lab or burst out if fired at from the Observation Area's sniper camera gun.
  • If the player manages to reach Austin before he bleeds out, he'll immediately assimilate.
  • There's barely any time to perform a Blood Test on him before he assimilates.


Austin urging Blake to help him.

Austin bleeding to death in the weapons research laboratory.

Austin's corpse after having bled to death.

"Austin3," Austin's name in the squad menu if the player manages to reach him before he bleeds out. He'll assimilate shortly after.

The Austin-Thing.