Adrenaline Hypo - The Thing (2002)

The adrenaline hypo, as seen in The Thing (video-game).

The adrenaline hypo is a portable adrenaline-boosting device which appears only in the 2002 video-game The Thing. Designed to give a temporary boost of courage to a squad member who is suffering from fear, the hypo consists of a syringe, trigger and a chemical chamber. They are considerably rare items.


Useful situations

  • In the many areas where your squad members run the risk of panicking. Pushing them away from the area is enough, however.
  • In certain combat situations, when your squad mates will begin to panic when seeing The Thing.
  • Powell gets terrified of a gruesome room with a torso hanging from the ceiling in the Transit Hangar, where an advanced Junction Box needs to be fixed. This is a good time to use it, as otherwise he runs the risk of cracking up.